This biomass pyrolysis installation required a fan that can handle abrasive material, gasses, and high-temperatures. We designed a custom radial fan, also known as a paddlewheel fan with an open radial blade design. It featured double-walled housing with thermal insulation and alloy airstream materials to handle high temperatures up to 1500°F. We also built it with a continuously-welded housing interior and a bubble (air-leak) pressure test.

Biomass pyrolysis is the chemical reaction of thermal decomposition that occurs naturally in the absence of oxygen at the beginning of both combustion and gasification. It helps convert solid biomass into a liquid that is easy to store and transport for use in the production of power, heat, and chemicals. The process results in multiple gasses, bio-oil, and biochar (charcoal used as a soil amendment).

Performance: 5000 cfm airflow @ 3” wg static pressure @ 0.02 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeIEPW (radial)
Size261 (26.1” diameter wheel)
Arrangement8 (direct-coupled drive)
Horsepower7.5 HP
Max Design Temperature1500°F

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