Reasons for Measuring a Fan 

Generally, there are two reasons to measure a centrifugal fan – the user wants to retrofit the fan (or parts) or replace it with a new fan. In either case, accurate measurements are critical to replicating the system currently in place, especially if no drawing is available. If possible, separate or isolate the fan from the system to access key measurement points. If duct work on the inlet or outlet is in the way, this could impact measurement accuracy. 

Lee Free from Centro, Inc.

One of the most interesting sales reps in the industrial fan industry hails from Shelby County, Tennessee and if asked in the 1980s if he would be a Division Sales Manager for a supplier of automation and product solutions, he probably would have given the side-eye and kept walking. In this month’s Rep Highlight we introduce you to Mr. Lee Free of Centro, Inc.

This RTHS 490 fan for a recycling and salvage facility in Texas required a custom design to withstand a rugged and demanding environment. Our radial tipped fan is our sturdiest heavy-duty fan, suited perfectly for this abrasive application and location. Designed to move high volumes of air at low to high pressure, this enormous fan handles both clean and dirty airstreams with ease.