Lee Free from Centro, Inc.

One of the most interesting sales reps in the industrial fan industry hails from Shelby County, Tennessee and if asked in the 1980s if he would be a Division Sales Manager for a supplier of automation and product solutions, he probably would have given the side-eye and kept walking. In this month’s Rep Highlight we introduce you to Mr. Lee Free of Centro, Inc.

Cleveland, OH, best known as the hometown of NBA superstar Lebron James, is also home to one of the leading industrial air filtration and ventilation companies in the U.S. right now. 3B Air Systems specializes in air filtration systems with a particular focus on customer success. For these reasons, Mike Krayer, owner and founder of 3B Air Systems, is the focus of this month’s AirPro Rep Highlight.

What is a Balanced Fan? Think “Finishing the Job.”

A balanced fan must stay below specific vibration limits for safe operation while running at full speed. Excessive vibration will decrease the life of your fan and can lead to catastrophic failure.

Why and How to Vary Speed in an Industrial Centrifugal Fan

A variable-speed fan is just what it sounds like. In this case, we’re talking about an industrial centrifugal fan that is capable of operating at more than one speed. That means it can run above or below the constant motor speed specified. There are several reasons why you would need a variable-speed fan, several ways to do it, and a few things to be careful to avoid when operating at varied speeds.

Keith White Jr. Steps into President Role as Keith White Sr. Shifts to Board Oversight

We’re thrilled to congratulate AirPro Fan & Blower Company founder Keith White Sr. as he moves closer to retirement in the role of Chief Executive Officer focused on Board oversight, with Keith White Jr. stepping into the role of President as of July 1, 2023. The transition is the culmination of our years-long succession plan, with co-founder Marty Mathews retaining oversight of engineering and technology development.