What is a Balanced Fan? Think “Finishing the Job.”

A balanced fan must stay below specific vibration limits for safe operation while running at full speed. Excessive vibration will decrease the life of your fan and can lead to catastrophic failure.

Why and How to Vary Speed in an Industrial Centrifugal Fan

A variable-speed fan is just what it sounds like. In this case, we’re talking about an industrial centrifugal fan that is capable of operating at more than one speed. That means it can run above or below the constant motor speed specified. There are several reasons why you would need a variable-speed fan, several ways to do it, and a few things to be careful to avoid when operating at varied speeds.

Keith White Jr. Steps into President Role as Keith White Sr. Shifts to Board Oversight

We’re thrilled to congratulate AirPro Fan & Blower Company founder Keith White Sr. as he moves closer to retirement in the role of Chief Executive Officer focused on Board oversight, with Keith White Jr. stepping into the role of President as of July 1, 2023. The transition is the culmination of our years-long succession plan, with co-founder Marty Mathews retaining oversight of engineering and technology development.

Use a Damper to Add Resistance and Reduce Airflow

If you want to reduce a fan’s air volume and horsepower without adjusting speed, then you can use a damper to add system resistance. The damper can be installed on either the inlet or outlet side of the fan, and you can determine the best location based on your specific application and your fan performance curve. More often than not, we’ll recommend placing the damper at the outlet as the most cost-effective way to simply add resistance.

Know the Speed/Power/Torque Trade-Off for Your Application

Did you know that when you control and vary the operating speed of your industrial centrifugal fan or blower using a variable frequency drive (VFD), you’re affecting both horsepower (HP) and torque? It’s not always obvious, but it’s important to understand when you may be operating at reduced power or torque due to changes in speed because you always need a certain horsepower to drive the fan and move air through the type of pressure in your system.

Solutions, Reliability, & Support

If you use fans and blowers to process or produce goods, why should you trust AirPro as your partner? Here at AirPro, we prioritize our energy and resources into making high quality fans and providing the service & support you need to successfully run your operations.

5 Steps to Find and Fix Industrial Fan Performance Problems

Troubleshooting and addressing fan performance issues can feel overwhelming, but with the five steps outlined below and the help of a trusted application engineer either remotely or on-site, you can find the solutions you need for your operations.