Cleveland, OH, best known as the hometown of NBA superstar Lebron James, is also home to one of the leading industrial air filtration and ventilation companies in the U.S. right now. 3B Air Systems specializes in air filtration systems with a particular focus on customer success. For these reasons, Mike Krayer, owner and founder of 3B Air Systems, is the focus of this month’s AirPro Rep Highlight.

Mike Krayer began his career in industrial fans in 1988 with a Cleveland based rep company that specialized in mist collection, dust collection, and process air equipment. With this valuable experience under his belt, Mike then started his own rep outfit in 2015 with AirPro as his first principal company.

Mike notes that, “We started in 2015 with AirPro as our first principal! We since have added dust collection, vacuum, and other related equipment lines, but AirPro is a major component of our business and is near and dear to our hearts.”

3B Air Systems focuses on industrial and OEM customers in several industries, giving 3B a very diversified clientele. 3B Air Systems serves the automotive industry, the metal fabricating and finishing industries, the plastic industry, the food industry, and also the glass industry. With such a diverse customer base, Mike emphasizes the importance of managing his time well and learning to say “no” occasionally. In discussing the challenges of working as a Manufacturer’s Rep, Mike explains that “it’s easy to get pulled in different directions at all times; you need to maintain a disciplined schedule and be mindful of where you spend your time.” Good advice for anyone wanting to start a business.

When asked about his overall business philosophy for 3B Air Mike stated his desire “to provide industry leading equipment and solutions with excellent customer service” emphasizing the importance of owning up to mistakes and fixing them immediately, which is what makes Mike and his team such a good match for AirPro – both parties have similar goals and value customer success. “Owning a rep business is awesome, always interesting, always challenging, and you meet a lot of incredible people,” Mike adds.

We asked this University of South Florida grad with a Business Management degree about the benefits of partnering with AirPro over other industrial fan companies. Mike explains that “AirPro is a premium manufacturer with excellent product quality, first rate customer service, and an aggressive growth mindset.” He also adds that AirPro has “great people to boot!” With 25 total years in the industrial fan business, Mike has seen a thing or two and imparts these words of wisdom for anyone embarking on a career in centrifugal fans today: “Be disciplined about making phone calls to customers every day.  There will be days when it seems like nothing is happening and it’s easy to get down; be proactive and make the first call, good things will happen.”

AirPro Rep Highlights and Connections

3B Air Systems is part of the established field of AirPro Reps across the country. To learn more, check out, follow the 3B Air LinkedIn page, and connect with Mike on LinkedIn

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