AirPro engineers designed this custom baghouse fan for a Mississippi River barge that unloads corn and soybeans. This fan connects to a larger zipper duct that moves down the barge. Featuring a 54.2” diameter backward curved wheel, the fan is direct drive with an arrangement 8 configuration and includes a pie-split housing for easy maintenance access to the wheel/shaft.  

The severe duty 600 hp motor is equipped with an auxiliary junction box that houses RTDs and space heater leads. With provisions for vibration sensors, this motor sits on a rugged two-tiered pedestal painted in royal blue. We’ve also included an outlet silencer to minimize noise as the air is released into the environment.

  • CFM: 58000 
  • Static Pressure: 30 in.wg. 
  • Density: 0.0681 lb/ft3 
  • Speed: 1768 rpm 
Product TypeBCES 
Horsepower499.7  hp 
Max Design Temperature150°F

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