Fan Wheels: The Basics

One of the coolest things about building fans is understanding industrial fan applications. At AirPro, we build all types of fan wheels depending on customer needs. So why one fan type over another? It all has to do with application.

Why Not Just Use the Highest Efficiency?

Common sense would dictate that the end-user would want a fan with the highest efficiency, right? Not so fast. It depends upon the purpose of the fan. What does the user need the wheel to do? Is it moving clean air? Abrasives? Saturated gas? Light particulate? What’s the pressure and volume combination? All of these things come in to consideration when choosing a fan wheel, so not just any wheel will do.

Fan Physics

As viewers watch the video, they will come to understand the physics of fan wheel design and why one type is better than another for certain applications. Hopefully this information can help users make the right fan selection going forward.

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