Industrial Exhaust Air Handling (IEAH) Pellet Cooler for a Cyclone Application in a Feed Mill 

AirPro engineers designed this heavy-duty size 530 IEAH fan matching a customer’s existing fan dimensions for a pellet cooling cyclone application at a feed mill. As the cyclone slings the pellets around, it separates them from light impurities such as dust. This streamlined, hefty design features a partial backward inclined blade with a tapered shroud for increased efficiency and reduced material buildup. 

Both the airstream and wheel materials are crafted of epoxy coated carbon steel. We covered the V-Belt drive in OSHA guards of carbon steel painted canary yellow, giving it that signature AirPro look. The fan inlet has an inlet box oriented at 315 degrees to accommodate the incoming ductwork.  

  • Volume: 30,000 acfm
  • Static Pressure: 26.0 in.wg.
  • Density: 0.0558 lb/ft3
  • Max Design Speed:  1494 rpm
Product TypeIEAH  
Max Design Temperature250ºF

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