Check out this beautiful size 296 Industrial Exhaust Flat Backplate fan (IEFB) that AirPro designed for a dust collection system at a refractory plant. This open radial blade design moves air and material at medium to high static pressures and the backplate protects the motor from any material that enters the airstream. The rugged design of this fan makes it an excellent choice for handling all manner of material.

This application required a 40-horsepower motor and a wheel with a hub set in the backplate to accommodate the direct drive wheel mount to motor shaft design. With industrial strength components and rugged construction, this fan extracts dirty air through the collector and sends clean air back into the building.

  • Volume: 9000 acfm
  • Static Pressure: 9 in.wg.
  • Density: 0.073 lb/ft³
  • Max Design Speed:  1750 rpm
Product TypeIEFB 
Max Design Temperature70ºF

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