RTHS Fan for Rotary Dryer Application  

AirPro built this RTHS 300 radial tipped fan for a rotary dryer application. AirPro’s RTHS fans are ideal for this application because they can process saturated gas with some particulate in the airstream. They are designed to efficiently remove moisture in the production process of foods, biofuels, chemicals, etc.

With a wheel made of high strength carbon steel, this fan has a max design speed of 4000 rpm. The housing interior has continuous welds (MIG) making it airtight, as required by the application.

Powering this fan is a sturdy 250 horsepower TEFC direct drive motor.

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  • Volume: 30267 acfm
  • Static Pressure: 29.3 in.wg.
  • Density: 0.0451 lb/ft³
  • Max Design Speed:  3525 rpm
Product TypeRTHS 
Max Design Temperature275ºF

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