Reasons for Measuring a Fan 

Generally, there are two reasons to measure a centrifugal fan – the user wants to retrofit the fan (or parts) or replace it with a new fan. In either case, accurate measurements are critical to replicating the system currently in place, especially if no drawing is available. If possible, separate or isolate the fan from the system to access key measurement points. If duct work on the inlet or outlet is in the way, this could impact measurement accuracy. 

Key Measurements 

To match a fan to its existing location we need seven key measurements: 

  1. Inlet flange dimension 
  2. Outlet flange dimension  
  3. Centerline Height 
  4. Inlet flange face to the centerline of the housing 
  5. Outlet flange face to the centerline of the housing 
  6. Centerline of the inlet to the centerline of the outlet 
  7. The fan footprint  

Accuracy with these measurements is critical for fan and/or system replication, so be sure to measure each area at least twice. And double-check your results! Most fan manufacturers can replicate a fan with these basic measurements. 

Some Tips 

In addition to a tape measurer, have a straight edge handy to make it easier to obtain some of these measurements, and having a wrench will make it easier to unscrew the inlet panel to measure the wheel diameter. Once all of the measurements are recorded, give AirPro a call so that we can retrofit or replace your fan. Our engineers are standing by! 

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