Reasons for Measuring a Fan 

Generally, there are two reasons to measure a centrifugal fan – the user wants to retrofit the fan (or parts) or replace it with a new fan. In either case, accurate measurements are critical to replicating the system currently in place, especially if no drawing is available. If possible, separate or isolate the fan from the system to access key measurement points. If duct work on the inlet or outlet is in the way, this could impact measurement accuracy. 

What is a Balanced Fan? Think “Finishing the Job.”

A balanced fan must stay below specific vibration limits for safe operation while running at full speed. Excessive vibration will decrease the life of your fan and can lead to catastrophic failure.

Bearing life is a major component in overall fan life. Maintaining proper lubricant levels with appropriate lubricant for the application will extend bearing life and require fewer replacements. A simple preventative maintenance program implemented for your fan can save thousands of dollars in replacement parts over the course of several years. Such a plan would involve such steps as regular lubrication of fan and motor bearings, connection inspections, and vibration analyses.