Introducing AirPro’s new Forever Fan System—a standalone pedestal mounted vibration and temperature monitoring system our engineers developed to help end-users avoid downtime, extend the operational life of their fans, and reduce operating costs.

The Setup

The end-user simply lands 120VAC to the appropriate terminals in the J-Box. It can function as stand-alone or as tied to a PLC/SCADA. We even have retrofit kits available for fans already in the field.

How Does it Work?

During assembly, we will drill and tap our bearing housings for the RTDs and accelerometers; next, we wire them to our pedestal mounted J-Box with the supporting equipment. AirPro pre-programs the alarm set points for vibration & temperature. The indicator lamp mounts at a high point on the fan and emits a green light if vibration and temperature are within proper range. The indicator lamp will turn red and sound a siren if temperature or vibration exceed the programmed limits.