Reasons for Measuring a Fan 

Generally, there are two reasons to measure a centrifugal fan – the user wants to retrofit the fan (or parts) or replace it with a new fan. In either case, accurate measurements are critical to replicating the system currently in place, especially if no drawing is available. If possible, separate or isolate the fan from the system to access key measurement points. If duct work on the inlet or outlet is in the way, this could impact measurement accuracy. 

Story: The following high temperature fan was built for a power company in Colorado. Several years ago, the customer had purchased a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system with fans provided by a competitor. What followed was a continuous string of unresolved bearing failures that resulted in unreliable performance and unacceptable maintenance costs. Finally, AirPro was called in to review the application and offer a solution.

Our customer requested an expedited delivery on Monday because they needed the fan ASAP. Sales promised a 5-day delivery. Engineering provided an accurate, customer-specific design. In two days Manufacturing built a rugged, industrial duty fan with custom dimensions. By Friday, 4 days following confirmation of expedited ship date, the fan had been balanced, painted, assembled, trimmed, and shipped.