Story: The following high temperature fan was built for a power company in Colorado. Several years ago, the customer had purchased a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system with fans provided by a competitor. What followed was a continuous string of unresolved bearing failures that resulted in unreliable performance and unacceptable maintenance costs. Finally, AirPro was called in to review the application and offer a solution.

Service: AirPro engineers visited the facility to inspect the fans & determine a solution.

Quality: Following the inspection, our engineers proposed a solution which included a replacement fan involving custom fit dimensions. The fans have exceeded the previous service time interval and the customer reports satisfaction with the solution.

Integrity: AirPro provided on-site start-up assistance to insure best operational success.

Application: Selective Catalytic Reduction, Power Plant

Product Description: HPRL 334, Class 100, 270º Discharge, CCW Rotation, Arr. 8, 725ºF Max Temp Design

Features: Direct drive; Bolted access door; Half-coupling drain w/plug; Flanged inlet and outlet; Split housing; 725ºF max temp design; Custom match dimensions; Motor supplied by customer