“Do it once and do it right.” That’s the business philosophy behind SysTech Design, a second-generation family-owned industrial sales company in suburban Philadelphia. Recently, AirPro had the privilege to interview SysTech’s principal, Mr. Adam Conley, who talked to us about partnering with AirPro, and also about some of the challenges of industrial fan sales. 

Adam’s mom and dad founded SysTech back in 1985 “with a commitment to providing practical, cost-effective answers to industrial air handling challenges.” After graduating from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Adam first worked in the financial sector before taking a crack at industrial sales as a junior salesperson at SysTech. The company started with 1 to 2 lines servicing the Philly region and has grown to six outside sales reps and internal support staff serving a myriad of industries including food, pharma, metal, wood, textile, plastic, and general construction. Looks like the American dream is alive and well in the Philly region. 

We asked Adam about some of the challenges of working in the industrial fan industry, especially in the competition-saturated Northeast corridor. He advises “finding the right people” to find success and explains that new challenges every day make fan sales fun and interesting. He also enjoys designing for interesting applications such as paper and trim, transfer applications for food, and RTO high temperature balance applications. 

Adam stresses the importance of teamwork to SysTech’s culture, stating “All the salespeople at SysTech go through a training process to learn the good and bad parts of the business.” This, according to Adam, is what makes the best salespeople shine. He adds, “We have the option to assist one another often and pinch hit for one another because we are all in this together to create great solutions for customers. We are a family who helps one another no matter the situation.” SysTech serves most of the middle Atlantic states—a large geographical region—so Adam places an emphasis on teamwork to ensure great customer service. 

Adam also extols the benefits of partnering with AirPro as an industrial fan rep. He explained that “AirPro is willing to take on applications that scare off other fan companies. Not often do we hear the word NO!  That allows us to go after projects that many other companies may not be able to handle. The support from the internal sales team and customer service group once an order is placed sets AirPro apart from other companies.” 

For rookie fan reps, Adam advises, “Be patient and keep grinding. If you don’t have the spirit to handle rejection this business will eat you alive.” 

When not selling industrial fans and components, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and catching the occasional fish. We at AirPro are pleased to partner with Adam Conley and the team at SysTech. 

AirPro Rep Highlights and Connections 

SysTech Inc. is part of the established field of AirPro Reps across the country. To learn more, check out https://www.systech-design.com/, follow the SysTech LinkedIn page, and connect with Adam on LinkedIn.  

Contact us to connect with your local rep. Our team is available to discuss your fan application, provide technical expertise, and even visit your plant to inspect existing equipment for retrofit/repair recommendations.