Our top manufacturer’s representative agencies like Air Quality Engineers (AQE) work closely with our application engineers to deliver reliable, high-quality centrifugal fans to customers for their industrial process applications. 

We’d like to introduce you to our AQE rep, Mike Freeman, who delivers air quality solutions in close collaboration with industrial end-user customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in northern California and western Nevada. 

“I love industry – knowing how things are made,” Mike tells us. “This genuine love for industry came from my family roots in building and construction and drives me to not only understand my customers’ needs but also to explore the endless possibilities of improving their operations and how air movement is used.” 

About AQE Air Quality Solutions 

Mike founded Air Quality Engineers, headquartered in Pleasanton, California after more than 25 years of experience and expertise in air quality and process engineering. AQE’s territory includes a diverse range of industry sectors from fast-paced technology startups to long-standing agricultural processors and producers, as well as OEMs that serve multiple other sectors, all requiring industrial ventilation.  

Specializing in industrial ventilation and pollution control, AQE applies and sizes dust collectors, ductwork, and fans, and knows how to keep them safe from fires, explosions, and wear. As a rep, Mike applies deep experience in plant maintenance, stack testing, explosivity testing and energy efficiency, to provide cost-effective, long-lasting solutions that are maintenance-friendly.   

“We are absolutely customer focused,” explains Mike. “Our mission for each installation is to treat it like we would own it, imagining that our own health depends on it. We strive to deliver the lowest lifecycle cost, with maintenance as a primary consideration. What sets us apart is our ability to truly understand the application or process, learn how and why the customer wants to move the air, then design solutions that align with their goals.”

How AirPro and AQE Deliver Together 

As an industrial ventilation and air quality solutions company focused primarily on air pollution control, almost all of Air Quality Engineers’ projects require air movement. The pollution control and material handling applications AQE works with are often higher-pressure systems requiring high efficiency industrial fans like AirPro’s backward-curved and backward-inclined models. Mike has worked with AirPro for more than a decade.  

That’s because, as Mike explains, “AirPro is a consistently reliable brand providing exceptionally durable products that hold up and perform like they say they will. They are an exceedingly innovative, engineering-focused company founded and led by engineers who are always lookingto improve through efficiency, waste reduction, and product development. They do not stand still.” 

Collaboration with reps in the field keeps AirPro close to our customers and their needs. Our reps are a true extension of our expertise, and we rely on them as essential partners in delivering on-point and on-time solutions.

“The AirPro team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to providing exceptional customer support with continuous improvement. Working with them is a pleasure.” Mike concludes, “they stand behind their products and make complicated objectives simple. And they produce excellent product education resources, so their clients, partners, and prospects understand their value. This combination of reliable products, performance integrity, excellent selection tools, and a great team makes AirPro a great choice for me and my customers.” 

AirPro Rep Highlights and Connections 

Air Quality Engineers is part of the established field of AirPro Reps across the country. To learn more, check out airqualityengineers.com, follow the AEQ LinkedIn page, and connect with Mike on LinkedIn

Contact us to connect with your local rep. Our team is available to discuss your fan application, provide technical expertise, and even visit your plant to inspect existing equipment for retrofit/repair recommendations.