Manufacturing plants often need to retrofit or replace existing fans to keep operations running and increase output. Our team excels at analyzing current fan installations, recommending the best course of action to take, and building the most appropriate fans for the application. That may involve building fans to exactly match existing fan dimensions and performance or modifying fan designs to increase performance.

We recently helped a customer replace two existing fans. Our engineers customized the fans to match critical dimensions, such as floor-to-center, inlet and outlet flanges, and the overall height. The fan wheels were also designed to increase efficiency. Our customer needed the fans sooner rather than later, and so our manufacturing group moved quickly to improve lead time and ship faster than what was possible with the original fan manufacturer.

Performance: 33000 cfm airflow @ 1.75” wg static pressure @ 0.075 lb/ft^3 inlet air density Product
Product TypeBIHS (backward inclined)
Size445 (44.5” diameter impeller)
Arrangement9 (belt drive)
Max Design Temperature150°F

Contact our application engineers if you’d like to discuss any replacement or retrofit fan projects. Our team is happy to help!