In this asphalt plant installation example, we designed and delivered the industrial fan for an asphalt plant equipment OEM. The induced draft backward-curved arrangement 9  fan included a dual drive with two 150 horsepower motors, delivering 300 horsepower combined.

The induced draft fan pulls the sand and dust through the baghouse, minimizing waste and pollution by collecting the particles and returning them to the asphalt mix. The fan includes a heavy-duty design to help the fan perform its best in the asphalt plant’s demanding environment.

Performance: 75,000 cfm airflow @ 18″ wg static pressure @ 0.04 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeBCHS (backward curved)
Size490 (49” diameter wheel)
Arrangement9 (belt drive w/motor on fan side)
HorsepowerDual drive for 300HP combined (two 150HP motors)
Max Design Temperature275°F

For more information, watch this video or read our blog on asphalt plants and industrial fans.