We custom-designed this high-pressure radial induced draft fan for a scrubber application, with alloy 2205 airstream construction, custom purge air shaft seals, pie-split housing, and an integral inlet box. Configured as a center-hung Arrangement 7 fan, a flexible coupling is used to connect the fan shaft to the motor shaft, and the entire fan assembly is mounted on a unitary base. The application required a severe duty motor rated for use with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

The scrubber application removes or neutralizes toxic gases from a gas stream for air pollution control in industrial exhaust emissions (flue gas) to meet the standards and requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act. The fan for the scrubber transports the contaminated, acidic, and corrosive air from the source and through the scrubber to clean and exhaust it. That’s why the materials of construction and shaft seals are so important.

Engineered for low air volumes at high static pressure, this high-pressure wheel has straight radial blades to keep them free of debris as the air and materials flow through the airstream. The induced draft fan is situated above the bundle, creating negative air pressure to draw the air through to the scrubber for pollution control.

Performance: 2,400 acfm airflow @ 19” wg static pressure @ 0.053 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeHPRL (high pressure)
Size397 (39.7” diameter wheel)
Arrangement7 (direct drive, center-hung)
Horsepower20 HP
Max Design Temperature200°F

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