David Sprung, AirFlow Sales, Representing AirPro Fan & Blower Company in Kansas and Western Missouri since 2008

At AirPro, our manufacturer’s representatives (reps) are our lifeline to mutual customers and vice versa. We depend on them for their application expertise, industry knowledge, and ability to translate customer challenges into solutions working closely with our application engineers. But more than anything, we rely on their deep customer relationships and service mindset. We choose them as carefully as they choose us.

David Sprung, AirFlow Sales President and owner, is one of our longest-standing reps, representing AirPro in Kansas and Western Missouri since 2008. But it didn’t start there. David has been selling industrial fans since 1991. Coming from a background in sheet metal, he knew from the beginning how to speak the customer’s language, and understood their challenges and needs. He also realized quickly the value of partnership and collaborative innovation to solve real-world challenges.

About AirFlow Sales

David’s rep agency, AirFlow Sales, serves the industrial, OEM, end-user, and HVAC industry, providing high-quality industrial fans, dampers, coils, and scrubbers from a handful of select manufacturers. We are proud to partner with AirFlow Sales across industries for applications like dust collection and drying.

David and the team at AirFlow Sales are keenly focused on providing superior customer service and quality products. Building a partner-like relationship with their OEM customers is job number one.

“We want to make each and every order feel like the only one,” David asserts. “In reality, we have multiple orders going at any given time, but that prioritized, personal attention is what each one experiences.”

How AirPro and AirFlow Deliver Together

As an AirPro rep, David’s superpower is communication. Copied on all aspects of every project he sells, he is able to stay ahead of any problem that might arise.

“The problem itself is not the issue, it’s how you resolve it,” explains David. “The equipment we work with, including the industrial fans and the applications they go into, is highly complex. Communication is the key to everything. That includes listening at least as much as talking!”

AirPro supports David’s superior customer service with an equal measure of reliability and quality. In this business, the speed of the response is as important as the quality. From quote to order to drawing to approval and well beyond, fast and steady is the name of the game that AirPro and AirFlow have mastered.

David continues, “I really appreciate AirPro’s sense of urgency, dedication to on-time delivery, commitment to quality, and custom capabilities. They’ve been delivering that all along, and the new three-year warranty helps us communicate that more tangibly to customers. The fact that they stand behind their work and don’t walk away makes them a solid partner my customers and I know we can count on.”

AirPro Rep Highlights and Connections

AirFlow Sales is part of the established field of AirPro Reps across the country. To learn more, check out the AirFlow Sales website, or Connect with David on LinkedIn.

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For a connection with your local rep, contact us or schedule an appointment with an application engineer.