We here at AirPro love candy, so it was with great enthusiasm that our engineers designed this size 200 BCMS fan for an international confectionary outfit that makes popular candies. A BCMS fan was selected to meet the medium volume clean air requirement at moderate static pressure.

The carbon steel wheel is powered by a V-Belt drive that is protected by carbon steel guards coated in canary yellow industrial enamel with a smooth and uniform finish to avoid catching production elements. Powering this fan is a sturdy 20 horsepower premium TEFC motor. Mounted between the assembly and the foundation are spring vibration isolators to protect the supporting structure.

Sitting on a unitary base with an opposed blade carbon steel outlet damper, this fan features spark resistant construction with housing painted in royal blue industrial enamel to match the other components in the system.

  • Volume: 7063 acfm
  • Static Pressure: 11.45 in.wg.
  • Density: 0.0549 lb/ft³
  • Max Design Speed:  3446 rpm
Product TypeBCMS 
Max Design Temperature150ºF

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