This coffee roasting plant application called for a dust collection fan. The custom design incorporated backward-curved blades, an inlet box, and a belt drive with a unitary base.

Designed and built with robust construction and heavy-duty industrial-strength materials, the backward curved model handles high air volume, high static pressure, and high static efficiencies with spark resistance and minimized energy costs.

The coffee roasting process consists of several steps, including burning off the chaff from the outside of the coffee beans. Industrial coffee producers use dust collector fans to remove the light particulate chaff, leaving the roasted beans to continue through production.

Performance: 19,200 acfm airflow @ 19” wg static pressure @ 0.06 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeBCHS (backward curved)
Size300 (30” diameter wheel)
Arrangement1 (belt drive with unitary base)
Horsepower100 HP
Max Design Temperature150°F

If you have a similar project, contact an application engineer to discuss it in more detail. For more information and solutions, read about the quick ship backward curved fans for dust collection, introduced in July 2020.

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