This cyclone exhaust fan application for industrial air handling required a straightforward industrial air handling exhaust fan with an opposed blade for increased efficiency and reduced material build-up. An outlet damper paired with the 25HP Arrangement 9 belt-driven motor mounted to the side of the fan allows for variable flow control.

A simple but important application, the cyclone exhaust fan pulls air through the separator, where heavy, abrasive materials fall out the bottom while lower-density air is allowed to exhaust through the system (which might include an oxidizer or dust collector) to the open air. Our industrial air handling exhaust fans are extremely heavy-duty and robust to handle this abrasive airstream.

Performance: 4,000 acfm airflow @ 23” w.g. static pressure @ 0.07 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeIEAH (industrial exhauster)
Size226 (22.6” diameter wheel)
Arrangement9 (belt drive)
Max Design Temperature150°F

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