Enabling Quick Ramp Up to Feed the Essential Supply Chain

There was no “business as usual” this spring. But “business as unusual” looked very different depending on your vantage point. For us, it meant finding a way to keep our employees safe and healthy while maintaining our standards of quality, reliability, and on-time delivery throughout the global pandemic. On top of all that and in the midst of a record-breaking production schedule, we had the opportunity to expedite fans for another essential business: emergency medical mask production.

That’s not the only essential business we serve. Our fans help drive production in food and paper processing plants across the globe. It’s not the first thing you think about when you wonder where your hand sanitizer, toilet paper, dairy, and other packaged food items come from. But without the industrial process fans that move air and materials through those systems, those products don’t get made, shipped, stocked, or sold.

What it Took to Expedite Fans for Emergency Face Mask Production

This was truly a special order. A chance to do our part to help the people on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. That said, the ability to deliver expedited orders is built into our DNA just like “regular” on-time delivery. We’ve made sure that our internal processes support fast action and accountability.

This particular order called for two material handling fans for emergency production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specifically medical face coverings by a company that does not normally produce that or any other medical products.

The customer needed it quickly and on a specific day to arrive just in time for installation, with accessories and custom finishes. Our local rep partner at 3B Air Systems facilitated the successful order by streamlining the original request. Existing relationships and prior experience allowed us to preemptively anticipate needs on all sides and move through the order and design processes extremely efficiently.

Although it’s not unusual for us to fulfill an expedited fan order, what is special is the great sense of pride and accomplishment our employee-owners feel every time we do it. That’s because it’s one of the best examples of our values, rooted in customer focus. It’s also because we never sacrifice quality to get the job done fast. Reliability is essential, with an unparalleled commitment demonstrated in our 3-year Gold Standard Warranty on all products.

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