This spray drying application for a dairy facility in Minnesota required a food grade fan to facilitate the production of whey protein. It features a backward curved BCLS fan with a narrowly housed 42-inch wheel that can reach up to 1947 rpm.

The continuously welded airstream is free of pits, cracks, crevices, and spatter and is reinforced by a 304SS tri-clamp drain ferrule with a gasket, cover, and clamp. The exterior skips welds are meticulously caulked in clear silicone.

The 75 hp totally enclosed fan-cooled motor sitting on a white food-grade epoxy coated pedestal offers increased protection from dirt and moisture. The bearings are grease lubricated, offering more than 100,000 hours of run time.

We’ve also included spring vibration isolators under the base, a vibration sensor, and bearing RTDs.

  • Volume: 10,631 CFM 
  • Static Pressure: 25 in.wg.
  • Density: 0.0698 lb/ft³
  • Max Design Speed:  1947 rpm
Product TypeBCLS 
Size402 (42” wheel)
Horsepower53 bhp; 75hp motor
Max Design Temperature150°F

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