This RTHS 490 fan for a recycling and salvage facility in Texas required a custom design to withstand a rugged and demanding environment. Our radial tipped fan is our sturdiest heavy-duty fan, suited perfectly for this abrasive application and location. Designed to move high volumes of air at low to high pressure, this enormous fan handles both clean and dirty airstreams with ease.

This industrial beast also features a ceramic felt shaft seal[CH1] , and a 200 horse-power belt-driven TEFC motor offering increased defense from corrosion, dirt, and moisture. The housing features a bolted access door for convenient maintenance. The OSHA belt and bearing guards constructed of carbon steel are coated in canary yellow industrial enamel. As always, this fan is built to our highest specifications and is backed by our industry-leading three-year warranty, giving the end-user great peace of mind.

  • Volume: 150250 acfm 
  • Static Pressure: 18 in.wg.
  • Density: 0.75 lb/ft³
  • Max Design Speed:  1793 rpm
Product TypeRTHS 
Horsepower194 bhp; 200 hp motor
Max Design Temperature150°F

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