We produced this high-temperature burner fan with an efficient backward-curved design and a max temperature of 800°F. The custom design includes thermal insulation for a safe skin temperature and a heavy-duty fan base to prevent vibration.

Designed for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) producing burners for the steel industry, this burner fan provides preheated combustion air for steel production. Because of its role in the combustion process, this fan handles temperatures as high as about 500°F, well within the 800°F max temperature.

Performance: 4360 cfm airflow @ 26” wg static pressure @ 0.0428 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeBCLS (backward curved)
Size270 (27” diameter impeller)
Arrangement8 (direct-coupled drive)
Horsepower40 HP
Max Design Temperature800°F

If you serve or operate an industrial process requiring a burner fan, contact an application engineer to discuss it in more detail.