Tim Siverhus, Industrial Fan Solutions, Representing AirPro Fan & Blower Company in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona

We choose our manufacturer’s representatives (reps) as carefully as they choose us. Selected for their deep customer relationships and service mindset, they’re our lifeline to mutual customers. On any given day, you’ll find them working closely with our application engineers to apply their industry and application knowledge, translating customer challenges into solutions. This week, we’re pleased to shine the light on Tim Siverhus.

Tim joined Industrial Fan Solutions, a long-standing rep agency, after eight years as an application engineer and sales manager with a competitive fan supplier. He worked as a partner for a few years, eventually taking over the business in 2016. As owner and President, Tim is keenly focused on service and response time, built on a foundation of onsite engineering support.

“It’s so important to be in the field with customers,” Tim elaborates. “Going onsite to troubleshoot an existing system, test for performance improvement or a retrofit, or assess the system to provide the correct fan for the application and system conditions in the first place is absolutely critical to doing the job right.”

About Industrial Fan Solutions

Tim’s agency, Industrial Fan Solutions (IFS), has been supplying Heavy Duty Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Blowers throughout Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona for over 40 years.

IFS is a service-oriented rep agency that provides custom industrial fan and bower solutions, fan engineering expertise, and unmatched support, servicing customers in the industrial market, OEMs, and engineering firms with applications including oxidizers, furnaces, scrubbers, high-temperature, material handling, and dust collector fans.

How AirPro and Industrial Fan Solutions Deliver Together

IFS partnered with AirPro in 2020. That was a big change after years with the same industrial fan supplier. Tim cites several synergistic reasons for the change, including:

  • Shared values and integrity
  • Internal process and work ethic
  • Response time and unmatched service
  • Unparalleled product quality and on-time shipments
  • Guaranteed reliability of products at competitive pricing
  • Range of High-Temperature solutions

“We truly believe that what we’re offering is the best in the business,” explains Tim. “AirPro offers unrivaled engineering expertise and unwavering commitment to putting the customer first in everything they do – a mantra that we share and one that allows us to continue to serve our customers’ needs in years to come.”

AirPro Rep Highlights and Connections

Industrial Fan Solutions is part of the established field of AirPro Reps across the country. To learn more, check out the Industrial Fan Solutions website, or connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

We’ll be highlighting several more of our reps through the course of the year. Keep your eye on the All Things Fans blog and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date, and please join the conversation on LinkedIn.

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