For this industrial oven exhaust application, we custom designed a high-temperature plug fan. The design incorporated forward-curved blades, housing, a 12 inch insulated plug, belt drive, and a unitary base, with a heat slinger on the shaft to help dissipate heat from the oven.

The forward-curved high-temperature plug fan moves high volumes of air at low static pressures. Most plug fans are Arrangement 2, with the fan inside the enclosure and no base. This one was unique, calling for a free-standing Arrangement 1PL on a unitary base, mounted directly to the oven enclosure to circulate the airflow.

Performance: 105,000 acfm airflow @ 12” wg static pressure @ 0.075 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeFCHS (forward curved)
Size545 (54.5” diameter wheel)
Arrangement1PL (belt drive plug style with unitary base)
Horsepower200 HP
Max Design Temperature800°F

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