In this Kaolin Mining installation, we provided an induced draft fan for dust collection. Kaolin (hydrated aluminum silicate) is a high-value, high-volume industrial clay used largely in the production of paper, as well as ceramics, cement, fiberglass, and many other industrial production processes. Its naturally fine particles mean dust collection is critical in the mining process for air quality improvement and safety.

This heavy-duty industrial exhaust air handling fan is designed to be spark-resistant and explosion-proof. It includes a partial backward inclined blade design to increase efficiency, angled to reduce material build-up and braced for extra support. In this application, we also built in an inlet box for additional efficiency, an outlet damper to throttle the air leaving the fan, and an outlet weather hood to protect the fan.

Performance: 5,000 cfm airflow @ 10” wg static pressure @ 0.07 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeIEAH (industrial exhauster)
Size261 (26.1” diameter wheel)
Arrangement1 (belt drive)
Horsepower20 HP
Max Design Temperature150°F

If you have a similar project, contact an application engineer to discuss it in more detail. For more information, read about induced draft fans.