We built this forced-draft, high-pressure blower with a surgeless design on a unitary base for a milling operation processing corn in an ethanol plant. The application called for an inlet elbow, functioning as an inlet box to address the space constraints and minimize the impact on fan performance. To eliminate catch points for material, external welds are continuous and ground smooth.

The application specified increased wheel width to optimize for low-to-medium air volumes at high pressures. With particulate in the system from the corn milling operations, the shrouded wheel with straight radial blades positioned at a 90-degree angle to the outside surface of the hub keeps the fan free of debris. The inlet elbow accommodates the relatively small inlet diameter of the HP series, creating a laminar flow condition at the inlet to minimize static pressure losses.

Performance: 4500 cfm airflow @ 56” w.g. static pressure @ 0.06 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeHPSM (high pressure, shrouded)
Size311 (31” diameter wheel)
ArrangementArrangement: 1 (belt drive with unitary base)
Max Design Temperature150°F

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