We designed this heavy-duty pollution exhaust fan complete with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) guards to provide the required level of safety and protect workers from accidental contact with the fan blades. The custom design uses a 20HP motor with a V-belt drive. A ceramic felt shaft seal and flanged inlet and outlet prevent gas leaks in the system. A bolted access door allows for easier maintenance.

Used to provide ventilation by replacing the exhaust air with fresh air, this pollution exhaust fan has a partially backward inclined angled blade design to reduce material buildup and add efficiency. Like all pollution control applications, the pollution exhaust fan helps the manufacturer comply with the tight emissions regulations issued and governed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Performance: 5,000 cfm airflow @ 13” wg static pressure @ 0.07 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeIEAH (industrial exhauster)
Size296 (29.6” diameter wheel)
Arrangement9 (belt drive)
Horsepower20 HP
Max Design Temperature150°F

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