AirPro Customer Story: We recently got some great feedback from one of our customers in the Powder & Bulk Processing industry on how AirPro managed the quote, order, & installation phases of their project which, incidentally, included a few hiccups.

This is what they said:

I worked with AirPro earlier this year for the first time, we purchased a large fan and needed technical support for the installation. From the very first contact with AirPro, I was struck with how capable and responsive your company was. As the project unfolded, everyone I worked with did a great job, following up on exactly what they said that they were going to do. The fan itself was beautifully made and of excellent quality. When unforeseen installation complications arose on site, AirPro worked hard to expedite the items that we needed to resolve the issue while showing exceptional concern for meeting our customer’s start up schedule and keeping costs to budget. I will definitely look forward to more opportunities to work with AirPro in the future.

Below is a picture of the fan AirPro built on this project. When she first saw the fan, the project engineer sent the following:

“The fan arrived on Monday as promised. It caught a lot of attention around here, in addition to being ginormous it is a very sharp looking piece of equipment. Thanks again to … AirPro for a great (on time) project.”

Application: Food Manufacturer – Pellet Manufacturing

Product & Features

36″ Backward Curved Blower, 125 HP TEFC Motor, 30,000 cfm

AirPro prides itself on a superior experience along the entire journey which includes the selection, pricing, sizing, procurement, manufacturing, and installation of every fan and blower. AirPro employees are not just employees; each of us are truly owners, both in fact and in action. AirPro fans and blowers are built as if every employee were going to own, operate, and maintain them; because we own them before you do!