One of the most important post-purchase questions is how to properly install and maintain an industrial exhaust fan in order to avoid problems. AirPro is an industrial blower manufacturer that considers installation and maintenance even before building your blower fan and takes into consideration the most common causes for operation problems with any industrial blower fan.

Here are the factors to consider in order to protect your valuable equipment:

1. Storage

The issue of storage concerns both your side and ours. Meticulously careful shipping and handling is one major part of AirPro’s superb customer care. Not only are we dedicated to speedy delivery and high quality, we also are careful to pay close attention to the delivery process and storage of the industrial fans and blowers which can be damaged during improper storage. How can you avoid problems?

  • Store your blower fan in a clean & protected area.
  • Rotate the fan wheel by hand at least once a week. This will prevent the shaft from taking a set and will redistribute the bearing grease.
  • If applicable, belt tensions should be released for fans to be stored for a prolonged period.
  • Blower fans must be isolated from any near-by vibration which can prematurely damage the fan & motor bearings.

2. Installation

It is reasonable to assume that if the installation is not performed properly, the unit will not hold up. Literally. Make sure that the individual installing your industrial blower knows how to get the job done right. Here are a few things to look for in order to avoid potentially damaging problems:

  • Install your blower fan on a strong surface that will support the dead weight. Reinforced concrete is the preferred fan foundation.
  • Make sure the fan support is rigid in order to reduce & withstand any vibration levels.
  • If high vibration levels will exist, isolate the vibrations with appropriate vibration isolators.
  • Install flexible connections between the connection of the fan inlet/outlet and the ducting.
  • All alignments should be checked to ensure they remain within the manufacturer’s tolerances.

3. Operation & Maintenance

Every industrial blower manufacturer will give you a manual. Everything you need to know about the safe operation of your unit can be found in the manual, but here are a few quick tips:

  • Prior to startup, rotate the fan wheel by hand to ensure free movement of all components (when rotating wheel by hand, follow proper lockout procedures).
  • Maintain proper bearing lubrication to avoid any failures.
  • Regularly check the fan wheel for wear, corrosion, or material build up. Clean or replace as necessary.