AirPro designed this very unique forced draft blower for a “closed loop nitrogen system” in a chemical cooling application. This direct drive blower features a 316 stainless steel shrouded radial pressure blower wheel inside a pie split housing. AirPro had to meet specific customer requirements and space considerations for this design. 

This application required a double mechanical purgeable shaft seal and continuous internal housing welds to prevent contamination. The inlet and outlet transitions match the 12” lines coming in and out of the blower, and the spark resistant construction complies with the hazardous rating of the gas stream.  The severe duty motor meets the class and division rating of the room where the blower is installed.

Performance: 1300 CFM; 15 in.wg static pressure; .0653 lb/ft3 inlet air density; 3533 rpm 
Product TypeP06C
Max Design Temperature150°F

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