New Product Line Announced for OEM Dust Collection Applications

In April of 2020, we introduced our new 3-Year Gold Standard Warranty, which now comes standard on all the products we design and build. Now the innovation continues with the launch of our new line of quick ship industrial blowers for OEM dust collection applications. This off-the-shelf line of high-volume single-width backward inclined fans is called BIQS (Backward Inclined Quick Ship), shipping in 12 days with no expedite fee.

Why We Developed the BIQS Quick Ship Industrial Fan Line

Dust collection is one of the most common applications for our centrifugal blowers and fans. When we’re designing for dust collection, like many other applications, we are most often working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs.) That means the timeline can be tight, and it’s common to skip the design consultation in favor of quick turn around. In those cases, customers tend to select a “close enough” design and expedite their orders.

We can do better. We know our customers and our business well enough to preempt the guessing game in the order process and instead provide preset options that are optimized for dust collection.

We’ve often heard the old adage that you can achieve fast, cost-efficient or high-quality, but not all three at once. We’re bucking that system. The new quick ship industrial fan line offers:

Confidence in Speed: 12 Day Shipping

Your blower will ship in 12 days, so you can keep your commitments to the larger project. We can do that for two primary reasons:

Reliability of Quality: 3-Year Warranty

Reliability is guaranteed under our standard 3-Year Warranty on all of our products. The quality of the quick ship industrial blower line is no different for us – but it is different by nearly double compared to the industry-standard of 18-month warranties.

Efficiency of Cost and Time: myAirPro

We’ve priced this product line to accommodate all of the requirements, including the fast turn-around, without adding an expedite fee. In addition to avoiding the fee, you also gain efficiency in the order process. That’s because using myAirPro online fan selection and pricing tool, your initial inputs will significantly streamline your options, removing almost all the burden of decision-making from your process. Furthermore, with the design preset, there is no need to involve an application engineer in this case. We cut straight to the chase.

What’s Next After the Quick Ship Industrial Fan Intro?

The list of applications we support is extensive and has evolved over time. We’re working on more innovation in products and processes, and will be excited to roll them out before too long. In the meantime, if you are interested in an application (or anything else) you can’t find listed, that does not mean it shouldn’t be. Please be sure to contact our application engineers to discuss it. We love working with our customers to identify new areas of opportunity for all of us! And as always, we welcome comments and questions via our LinkedIn Page.