For this Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) fan application, we custom designed and delivered a high-temperature backward-curved fan with thermal insulation, aluminum cladding, vibration sensors on the bearings, companion flanges, extended lubrication lines, and an inlet box.

We built this backward-curved model using high-temperature construction up to 500°F. It’s spark-resistant and cost-efficient, with vibration sensors on the bearings to help avoid damage to the fan from excess vibration.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, also called RTOs, are used for air pollution control, heating exhaust air to extremely high temperatures, and combining it with oxygen to convert harmful organic emissions to innocuous water vapor and CO2. Industries that use RTOs range from paint and printing to semiconductors and chemicals, and from pharmaceuticals, food processing, and automotive to ethanol, petroleum, oil, and gas.

Performance: 24,000 acfm airflow @ 16” wg static pressure @ 0.04 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeBCMS (backward curved)
Size445 (44.5” diameter wheel)
Arrangement8 (direct coupled drive)
Horsepower75 HP
Max Design Temperature500°F

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