This wood product manufacturing application required a belt-driven backward-curved replacement fan matching the dimensions of the existing fan for drop-in-place. The specification called for sandblast preparation with epoxy coating, Teflon coating to give the impeller a non-stick surface, an inlet box, and inlet/outlet expansion joints.

Designed to provide strong performance capabilities with high air volume at high static pressure with reduced energy cost, this backward-curved replacement fan also delivers high static efficiency. The inlet box allows the fan to optimize performance even in the tight space where it needed to fit. Expansion joints offer vibration isolation. The epoxy and Teflon coatings protect the fan from damage due to light particulate from the manufacturing process.

Performance: 25,000 cfm airflow @ 7” w.g. static pressure @ 0.06 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeBCHS (backward curved)
Size402 (40.2” diameter wheel)
Arrangement9 (belt drive)
Horsepower40 HP
Max Design Temperature150°F

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