Backward-Curved Fan in Long-Term Storage

We built this fan for our customer’s rotary dryer application. Featuring our rugged backward curved technology with a reinforced housing and base, this fan will operate for decades if properly maintained.

To assist with maintenance, the housing is horizontally split, and all grease fittings include extended lubrication lines. It was also designed for long-term storage before startup and commissioning and several steps were taken to prevent corrosion and damage that may come from storage. They include:

  • Decreased tension on belts
  • Loosened bearing bolts
  • Bearings packed with grease
  • Chocked shaft to remove weight from bearings

Depending on how long the fan will be stored, there are ongoing procedures that should be followed. We are happy to share this article with additional recommendations.

Performance: 77,000 cfm airflow @ 20” wg static pressure @ 0.047 lb/ft^3 inlet air density
Product TypeBCLS (backward curved) 
Size730 (73” diameter impeller) 
Arrangement1 (belt drive with unitary base) 
Horsepower350 HP 
Max Design Temperature250°

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