The self-cleaning radial tipped fan is a versatile component for moving high volumes of any kind of air through the industrial system. Although it works well with clean air, we often specify heavy-duty radial tipped blades in applications that include saturated gasses or abrasive particles. Considered self-cleaning, the radial tipped blades resist material build up.

How the Self Cleaning Radial Tipped Fan Works

The radial tipped blades are curved, with the outer part of the blade tip radial to the center hub. It can be designed for either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, with the air entering the blade on the front part of the curve, so it actually builds energy as it travels along that blade path.

The radial blade tip allows the wheel to self-clean so material does not accumulate on the blades, which can be helpful when moving dirty air. Common applications using the radial tipped fans include wet and dry scrubbers, as well as corrosive gasses like fume exhaust from biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.

See our self cleaning Radial Tipped Fan Product Page for performance and design specifications and other details.

Hear it from the Application Engineer

Senior Application Engineer Chet White demonstrates the self-cleaning radial tipped fan in this 1-minute video.

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