Backward Curved Models Now Offer Smaller Fan Sizes

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Backward Curved models to include fans with wheel diameters below 27 inches. Combustion Air and other Forced Draft applications often require fans designed for low airflows at higher pressures, and we have traditionally supplied our high-pressure blower models for these applications. But our customers started asking us for fans with lower horsepower requirements, and our product development team set out to expand our offerings with more efficient options.

What’s New?

Our backward curved fan models have been some of the most efficient fans in the marketplace for many years. But they were designed for applications with higher air volumes and wheel diameters from 27 to 89+ inches. The backward curved technology seemed like a great place to start, and our engineers began modeling designs using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

After creating a few design options, we built test models and began performance testing in our lab until finalizing designs that filled gaps in the volume-to-pressure ratio below 300:1. We now offer backward curved fans with wheel diameters down to 15 inches for both our BCLS and BCMS product lines.

Who Needs a Backward Curved Fan?

Our full Backward Curved Fan line with sizes up to 890-inch diameter serves larger industrial induced draft applications as well as various pollution control, odor control, process heating, and dilution air applications. Extending the lower range of the wheel sizes below the 27-inch diameter fan wheel enables us to serve forced draft combustion air applications like burners and oxidizers with greater efficiency.

How to Get Started

As always, we recommend starting with our application engineers to design exactly what you need.  Please submit your requirements by completing our short contact form. We’ll work through your specifications together and select the best fan for your application.