What is an Arrangement 9 Fan?

Fan arrangements, based on AMCA standards, define the way a motor drives the fan, and how the motor mounts to the fan. An Arrangement 9 Fan is a belt-driven fan. In this arrangement, the motor mounts to the side of the fan pedestal with no unitary base required.

In general, a belt driven fan is connected to the fan’s motor via one or more belts, instead of directly connecting the motor to the fan shaft (that would be a direct drive fan). A few important benefits include:

  • Variable Speed,
  • Less Wear & Tear on the Motor
  • Compact Footprint for Belt Drive

Components of an Arrangement 9 Fan

In order for an Arrangement 9 Fan to operate properly, it must include these parts:

  • Motor
  • V-Belt Drive
  • Shaft
  • Bearings
  • Fan
  • OSHA guards

Other Fan Arrangements:

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