What is an Arrangement 4V Top Mount Fan?

Fan arrangements define the way a motor drives the fan, and how the motor mounts to the fan, based on AMCA standards. They can also be application-specific, as with the Arrangement 4V Top Mount Fan.

The Arrangement 4V is a direct driven fan with the fan wheel mounted to the motor shaft. This industrial fan also mounts directly to the outlet of the exhaust equipment it’s pulling the air through. As a result, there is no ductwork in this case.

Where and Why to Use an Arrangement 4V Top Mount Fan?

The Arrangement 4V Top Mount Fan typically mounts on the outlet of dust collection equipment, for example:

  • Baghouse
  • Cyclone
  • Bin Vent

Because the Arrangement 4V inlet connects directly to the outlet, it saves space and money often spent on extra ducting. Also as a result of the direct connection and lack of additional ducting, less static pressure is present in the system thereby increasing efficiency.

Components of an Arrangement 4V Fan

Like the Arrangement 4 fan, the Arrangement 4V is the most basic fan arrangement. The fan wheel mounts directly on the motor shaft. But, unlike other arrangements, the shaft and motor are in a vertical position. Typical accessories are outlet dampers, silencers, weather guards, & bird screens may be available depending on the details of your application.

Other Fan Arrangements

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