What is an Arrangement 7 Fan?

Fan arrangements define the way a motor drives the fan, and how the motor mounts to the fan, based on AMCA standards. The Arrangement 7 Fan offers a maintenance-friendly and reliable design for fans with larger impellers, as the impeller is center-hung between two bearings. The entire fan assembly is assembled on a common base and can be either belt or direct drive.

Components of an Arrangement 7 Fan

The Arrangement 7 Fan includes a center-hung impeller with one bearing on the inlet side of the fan and the other on the drive side. An integral inlet box is required to protect the inlet bearing from the air moving through the fan. Both the housing and the integral inlet box are horizontally split for easier access and removal of the impeller. These fan components along with the motor are mounted on a common unitary base and provides one complete assembly for installation.

Other Fan Arrangements

  • Belt Driven: Arrangements 1 and 9
  • Direct Driven: Arrangement 4 and 4V
  • Belt Driven OR Direct Driven: Arrangements 3, 8 and Plug

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