Attending the 15th Annual International Biomass Conference & Expo

We never stopped serving the biomass industry – in fact, we’ve been busier than ever – but after the past couple of years with no opportunity to gather in person, we’re more than ready for the 15th annual International Biomass Conference & Expo, March 14-16 in Jacksonville, FL. Actually, the Nashville Biomass Conference in 2020 was one of the last events we attended before the pandemic shut everything down, so it’s extremely fitting that it’s our first conference back after all that time.

For more than seven years, we’ve been attending this leading conference organized by BBI International and produced by Biomass Magazine for biomass industry professionals from biomass sectors including thermal energy, biobased power, fuels, and chemicals. It’s been highly rewarding to get a first-hand look at what’s new and what’s next in the biomass industry, what stakeholders need and want, and how we can best support the vital processes that keep operations moving.

Industrial Fan Applications Supporting the Biomass Industry

The biomass industry is full of complex industrial processes, many of which rely on heavy-duty industrial centrifugal fans. Across our many biomass and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, we support a wide variety of applications, but here are a few common ones:

Dust Collector Fans

Dust collector fans convey the air and particulates through the dust collection system to remove nuisance or process dust from the industrial airflow to improve the quality and safety of the air in the environment.

Rotary Dryer

Rotary dryer applications remove moisture in the production process of various foods, chemicals, biofuels, and other products. It requires a combustion fan for ambient air, a supply fan to pick up the heat from the combustion process, and an exhaust fan.

Induced Draft Fans

Induced draft fans (ID fans) handle the harsh conditions present in biomass industry operations, including high temperatures, acidic airstreams, and other extreme exhaust gases. They pull air and other materials or elements through the system to the next step of the process

Forced Draft Fans

Forced draft fans, also called pressure blowers or FD fans push air through a system, creating positive air pressure to push ambient air through burners to preheat air for boiler system efficiency.

It’s Not Too Late to Join Us at Biomass

If you’re in the biomass industry or if you’re an OEM that serves it, it’s not too late to register. Register here and look for us in booth #330. President and Founder Keith White and application engineer Drew Marion would love to see you! Contact Us if you’d like to plan a time to meet at the show. We welcome comments and questions via our LinkedIn Page, and you can always Request a Quote if you’re ready to roll.