Get Warmed Up: FD Fans for Your Industrial Burner Workout

You wouldn’t run a 5K without warming up a little first. Your boiler system doesn’t like a cold start either. Industrial boiler systems run most efficiently when the ambient air is preheated via industrial burners using Forced Draft Fans (FD Fans).

Industrial forced draft fans focus the pressure and volume at the outlet of the fan to push air through a system, creating positive air pressure. While burners for boilers is a primary application for the FD Fans, there are others, including glass furnaces and ovens.

As with any industrial fan application, there are product and specification differences among FD Fans and industrial burners. Knowing how to optimize and install the right combination of components in a packaged system for your boiler is the key to optimizing efficiency, and the application engineer is your “trainer” for peak performance.

Forced Draft Fan Package: Windbox Packaged Burner

A windbox is a large forced-draft pressurized cavity that feeds combustion air into individual or multiple burners and balances the air flow through the burner registers. Multiple industrial burners and FD Fans are available, and we recently supplied an forced draft fan package for a windbox packaged burner. The fan package included:

  • A direct-drive fan with a 44.5” diameter impeller,
  • Pie-split fan housing,
  • 150 horsepower motor,
  • Inlet Box with damper and pneumatic actuator & positioner,
  • Inlet box expansion joint,
  • Mixing box with flue gas recirculation (or FGR) port,
  • Mixing box damper with pneumatic actuator & positioner,
  • And an Inlet Box silencer with a static piezometer tube.

Other burners for boiler systems may require these and/or other FD Fan options. Take a look at a detailed overview of this Forced Draft Fan Package in our 80-second video.

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