Company Growth: Motivation or Reward?

Well, when you are an owner of the company, growth is both. In an employee-owned company, that means that each employee has the potential to influence personal and company growth at the same time, leading to greater investment and greater ROI. It’s a powerful virtuous cycle.

We recently spoke with Joe Guyette, an AirPro Welder & Fabricator, who explained it in his own words:

It’s exciting to work for a company that’s growing. It’s grown even in the last 4½ years or so that I’ve been here – a lot – so it’s nice to be a part of something like that. I feel like I can grow with the company, which is cool for my career.

From exciting experience to career growth and personal satisfaction, our company and our team are constantly on the fast track.

Quality: Another Virtuous Cycle

Like growth, quality creates opportunity and pride, happy customers and ROI. These are also powerful motivators, so the constructive cycle continues. Our employees have enough experience and basis for comparison to know that quality really isn’t subjective; that means they know it when they build it.

Here’s more from Joe Guyette on growth and quality:

Everyplace I’ve worked has taken quality seriously and done a good job. That makes me even more proud to say that the quality we have from start to finish goes even beyond most other fan companies I’ve seen if not all of them. I feel like our craftsmanship is top notch.

You can watch the full 1-minute video highlighting Joe Guyette here

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