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If you use fans and blowers to process or produce goods, why should you trust AirPro as your partner? Here at AirPro, we prioritize our energy and resources into making high quality fans and providing the service & support you need to successfully run your operations.

We realize you probably work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for many of your application components, so you might not even know who makes your equipment like industrial fans. But you may be well-served to know and trust manufacturing suppliers who can make or break your operations.

AirPro’s Value-Add

AirPro’s culture is one that obsessively cares about providing value. We know our place and understand that our customers depend on us to do our job well. Our unique combination of engineering expertise, consistent performance, kept promises, drive for solutions, and urgent responsiveness leads clients to trust the manufacturing processes we use to serve them.

3-Year Warranty and Guaranteed Reliability

We’re the only heavy industrial fan manufacturer with a 3-year warranty. We build a robust product intended to last a long time, and most often, they do. But if something does happen, we’re right there with you. We know that this level of reliability is huge, both in your equipment and the support system that stands behind it. The fans we deliver will keep you up and running, preventing costly downtime.

Reliability does not just apply to product performance. It is part of every element of operations, including delivery and aftermarket service. On-time delivery is one example, as we commit to 95 percent or better on-time delivery rate. When we give you a lead time, it’s real. If there’s a problem, you’ll know in advance. No one works harder at this than we do.

Engineering Mindset Toward Design, Support, and Troubleshooting

Engineers built our company, and we continue to employ many engineers. That includes our sales department staffed with experienced application engineers who will work with you to determine the best solution for your application.

In addition to new fan projects, we excel at retrofitting existing fans to replace old fans that are worn out or to optimize existing fans for better performance. Our field engineers are available to visit your site and reverse engineer (often at no cost) your old fans or to provide evaluation and troubleshooting services.

In the event that your fans fail and create downtime, we are here to support you and solve problems in the timeliest and most cost-effective way possible. Getting that kind of support when you need help is the foundation of any trusted supplier relationship.

Hear More from AirPro’s Sales & Marketing Manager

Chet White, Senior Application Engineer / Sales & Marketing Manager, shares his and the company’s perspective on earning your trust in this 2½-minute video.

To ask questions, get more details, or discuss your application, reach out and connect with one of our application engineers.

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