Shared resources to serve global customers with premier quality products and customer service

We’re pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Venti Oelde, an established German manufacturer of large industrial fans. The agreement expands our ability to serve the international marketplace and enables Venti Oeldeto better serve the United States market.
Our recent capacity expansion, process certification, and continued industry marketing presence enabled us to identify, consider, and proceed with this opportunity with great potential for future growth.

What the Partnership Means for AirPro Employee Owners and Customers

Our two companies remain independently owned, operated, and structured, with no leadership or staffing changes resulting from or related to this partnership. With operations in Germany, China, India, and the United States, we can share resources, expand product offerings, and provide better service for global customer needs through established sales and support channels.

“This alliance with Venti Oelde is exciting,” commented Keith White, AirPro Founder and President. “We see our products as complementary rather than competitive, and our business philosophies are well-aligned. Premier quality products and reliable service will now be available to both companies for a wider range of industrial fan applications. We are confident that our customers will benefit from this new relationship.”

A New Channel for Large Industrial Fans in the U.S.

AirPro will continue to focus on fans and blowers smaller than 1500 HP while serving as a channel partner to deliver and service large industrial fans from Venti Oelde to the U.S. market. Venti Oelde remains focused on fans larger than 1500 HP and adds access to AirPro’s smaller-scale fans for its industrial application customers worldwide.

Established in 1930 and based in Oelde, North-Rhine-Westphalian, Germany, Venti Oelde employs 250 professionals to design, build, and service large industrial fans. They also produce dust collection and process gas cleaning plants, exhaust air treatment plants, ventilating, heating, and air-conditioning plants, recycling and waste treatment plants, and plants for surface technology.

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